World Population Day Blogging Competition

Glimmer of Hope Foundation


The Glimmer of Hope Foundation is celebrating this year’s world population day (July11th, 2013) with a blogging competition. The competition is centred around the theme of this year’s population day – Ending teenage pregnancies.

Objective of blogging Competition.
1. To initiate discussion and suggest recommendation from young people about Sexual and Reproductive Health  issues within their community
2. To inspire leadership skills through creative writing among young people in secondary schools
3. To support innovative ideas through creative writing among young people

To enter the competition:download (6)
You must have a blog. If you do not have one, create one from any of the free blog providers such as,, etc.

Develop an inspiring post on your blog on this year’s theme, “Teenage Pregnancy in Nigeria”. The story must be non-fiction, and can contain a combination of pictures and or video. If you intend to submit a picture blog, note that strictly picture…

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World Health Day: Your Blood Pressure


Blood Pressure Basics 

High Blood Pressure has become one of the National Health’s top priorities, yet many people still don’t fully understand what it means. 

Over a third of people with high blood pressure don’t know it, so are not being treated for this potentially life-threatening disease. That’s because although an estimated 16 million people in the UK suffer from high blood pressure, it rarely presents any symptoms. In fact, the only way to discover you have it is for your Doctor or Pharmacist to measure your blood pressure. 

What does blood pressure mean?
Blood pressure is the pressure your heart produces when it pumps blood around the network of tubes (arteries) that carry blood all around your body. 

How is blood pressure measured? 
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Know your Mental Health Status?

Mental Health…
You see different pictures flying around of spousal battery… have you ever wondered if your spouse is mentally stable 
Do you think you are mentally stable?
Do you have beliefs that are not popular amongst ur peers?
Is your personality repulsive to others?
Do you hear people talking to you or about you when these people can not be seen by others?
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A lonely girl

i’m a lonely girl
With a lonely heart
In a lonely world
Walking all alone
Suddenly i heard a voice
A voice of a ‘He’
The ‘He’ walked towards me
He asked if he could walk with me
He asked if he could make a lonely girl
A lovely girl in a lovely world with a lovely heart
I didn’t give it a 2nd thought
I gave the He a chance
I gave the ‘he’ my heart
We started the journey together,
The journey of love
Alas! In a twinkle of an eye
He went away without a goodbye
I’m left alone again
As a lonely girl
With a lonely heart
In a lonely world

– anonymous

The Pink Month! The Breast and the enemy

I love breasts!

Not new right? We all do. Still, I just had to let that out. I love them so much that I get hypnotized just by… well… *sigh*

That is not why we are here. We are here because of the enemy- breast cancer. Knowledge is power so let us arm ourselves.

Who is our friend?

The Breasts. The breasts are very important organs that find function for both motherhood and sexuality. Breasts are one of the things that put the ‘FE’ in FEMALE. Though some guys have breasts too, commonly known as’ man boobs’ (salute to Ricky Rozay #boss), the breast is more associated with the female gender.
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