Know your Mental Health Status #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth

mentalhealth ng


You see different pictures flying around of spousal battery… have you ever wondered if your spouse is mentally stable
Do you think you are mentally stable?
Do you have beliefs that are not popular among your peers?
Is your personality repulsive to others?
Do you hear people talking to you or about you when these people can not be seen by others?
Does God talk to you?
Does your dead relative talk to you?
Do you believe a celeb is in love with you even though you only see him on T.V?
Do you believe your friends/family are out to harm/kill you?
Do you believe you are God?

Do you believe your body part does not belong to you?
Do you believe everyone around knows what you are thinking?
Do you believe some people are tampering with your thoughts?
Do you move from a statement to another which are not…

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