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PechaKucha, the presentation phenomenon that has sparked events in over 680 cities, is poised for another worldwide event on September 20 – Global Night, which will link individual events in more than 100 of those cities via live online chat.</


PechaKucha Nights began in Tokyo, 10 years ago as a forum for architects and designers to share their work; since then, it has grown virally and spread from city to city. Global Night is the fourth annual celebration of that growth, where creative entrepreneurs, thinkers and leaders come together as one international community.

PechaKucha Nights are community events where creative individuals of all disciplines go to inspire and get inspired in a fast-paced way. The presentations have only one rule: 20 slides, 20 seconds per slide. Presentations run automatically, and the challenge for speakers is to tell their stories in perfect sync with their visuals—and briefly. Because people talk too long and are scared of editing things down, putting the presentations on auto-forward helps people clear their heads, focus, and say things succinctly.

PechaKucha (pronounced pe-CHA-ku-CHA) is a Japanese expression, meaning chatter or chit-chat, which speaks to the informal and casual nature of these events. PechaKucha Nights are held in nightclubs, bars, performance spaces, outdoor venues, and even—in the case of Tel Aviv, where 4,000 people attend two consecutive shows—airplane hangars. While each city brings its own individual flavor to the evening, the pattern is the same, with eight to 10 speakers presenting on various topics but in the same format.

Over 100 cities have signed up to participate in Global Night and Abuja is fortunate to be involved as the only city in Nigeria.

The theme of Global Night is “HIDDEN HEROES” giving PechaKucha Nights and their presenters the opportunity to showcase people who are outstanding in communities around the world.

The idea behind this is to encourage entrepreneurs, policy influencers and professionals to define their essence, understand the most important aspects of their existence and communicate that effectively.

Confirmed speakers include; Dr Dele Momodu (Ovation Magazine), Mrs. Dayo Laniyi-Benjamin (DOXA), Mr. Chris Oputa (Studio 24), Mr. Audu Maikori (Chocolate City), Ms. Hanna Kabir (YOUWIN awardee – Creed Energy) and Mrs. Zainab Jaji (Alteq ICT).TThis global event will take place September 20,2013 at Sheraton, Abuja Time: 5pm.

After the event, recorded “hidden heroes” presentations will be shared on a channel on the event’s official website, This will bring creative people from all over the world together, celebrating other people in one huge global wave.

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“We think it will be a night to remember” says Yemisi Adegbite, the Pecha Kucha Night Abuja Convener; “The Pecha Kucha Global Night will also be streamed live via Google Hangouts”

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